Writing is work that needs to be practiced, analyzed, and tested daily. For a new writer this could be a strange idea.  After my first blog post, I thought I would wake up to hundreds of die-hard fans, but I soon had a rude awakening. After starting a few different Word Press sites I realized that my posts needed to be competitive, and to get competitive edge I would need to have the best content.   So, How does a new writer create great content? And how does a new blogger, business, or writer  choose what he needs to write about?  And once I have chosen a topic, how do I make it original?  These are just a few of many questions to ask when trying to figure out the content that you will feature.

  1. How to choose a topic?

Just like a product or service, writing helps someone with a need.  Posts should leave the reader with the thing or idea that she was looking for when she found you.  In an information laden world, its best to get to the point as quickly as possible.  Try to find the topic’s most raw form, if you are writing about how to barbecue ribs, for example, you could write a new post about choosing the right rack of ribs, or how to marinate them, or how to cook them, but not all three in one.  Find a distinct idea and expand on that.  There will always be time to write your ideas in another post. I’m sure we have all been to a Wikipedia page and seen the blue links to their other pages.  This is a perfect technique to back link to your other pages, and get more exposure.

2. How to find your angle?

Your posts should sound like you’re talking to the reader in your own words.  A clear post is no accident, it is a writer who doesn’t want to lose their reader.  The way you find your “voice,” at first, is to write clearly.  As you continue to write more posts you will find a style that feels comfortable.

As Stephen King said,”If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”  Reading helps find your style by finding other authors you enjoy, and writing like them.  Don’t just spew out their writing and call it your own, use their writing to compliment your own.  But always make sure to properly recognize other writers.

3. How to write interesting content?

Simply put, find something you want to write about.  The more interest you have in a topic the more interesting the post will be, and the more time you will dedicate yourself to writing that topic.  Post can get dull quickly if the writer is writing about a subject that bores him/her.  To find out what interests you should be easy enough, find the things you already read and study, take notes, and write it in your own words.

It may seem easy to write, but as every writer knows, it is a calculated process that needs to take time.  Now that I have had a few blogs and many posts behind me I feel more comfortable in my style.  I hope this post finds you well and be sure to like and re-post. Please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions.


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