dsc_1591My home holds an aura of warmth and calming as soon as you hit the carpet.  A collection of family portraits, all just a tiny bit crookedly hung.  The images are of picturesque landscapes wit tiny people scattered throughout is hanging above the wine barrel table from the wine tasting trip to Napa Valley. An over sized map of the world takes up the wall above the kitchen table.  The table is always full of life items dropped in passing.

The colorful play pen is taking up the whole living room is usually filled with toys and, between naps, one fair skinned blue eyed boy.  He struggles to stand in his freshly purchased and already tightly fitting new clothes, and his soft coo lights up the room.  In the kitchen the the dishes owe their cleanliness to loosely based rotation of duty, and the smell of garlic cooked in wine pierces the air.

The leather couch is behind the play pen and is almost always occupied by either me, my girlfriend, Priscilla, or my black lab, Lulu.  My dog Lulu wags her thick tail as soon as you make eye contact, and or the epitome of happiness if you are just arriving

The colors of warmth wrap the walls, navy blue and sandstone.  The extra room is still being furnished, just a old Craigslist desk hugs the corner and an empty bookcase towers behind it. I love it all.