When I hesitate to write there is close to a %100 chance I will not finish my writing.  I try to put down words everyday. Most of the time I’m writing I’m really trying to re-write, edit, look up synonyms, and look up definitions. But I really should try more of these Daily Posts.  They give me a chance to just shut up and write.  I believe I just need to start to enjoy the editing, because it helps the words sound intended and more cohesive.

These writings that I edit and re-write do turn out better than my other posts, especially if I care about the topic.  I recently wrote a post about my chef at work (please read and tell me in the comments if there was anything you liked).  I really took my time making sure I sounded like myself.  The post turned out ok I think, a little reporter-esk. But I’m writing a post about my home, kind of a environment post, that’s sounds great so far.  I keep going back to fix and tweak here and there, but I’m almost done, follow me to read it tomorrow.  I think the big difference is my home is special, I designed it, furnished it, and I’m building a family here.  My work is nice, but I’m not raising my family there, hell I even hate going there sometimes.  How do I find something I care about enough to show it in my writing? I thought I cared about cooking. But I can’t feel the love in the writing (my other blog, best cooks secrets is about cooking). Any suggestions on how to find what you will write passionately about?  One thing that takes the edge off is working out.

Exercise helps clear my head more than any other form of meditation.  These past few days I have not been exercising. It rained here in San Diego this past week so no basketball and no running. I’ve been lazy, as well. I ordered a pizza, drank a bottle of wine, and watched movies all day yesterday.  So today I feel cloudy and a tad bit depressed.

Drinking fogs my head more than anything.  One glass of wine helps me write, but it usually doesn’t end with just one glass.  The biggest factor is the following day’s depression/hangover…. I just poured myself a glass of a New Zeeland Sauv Blanc.  Ooops.

I can’t hesitate to write. I can’t hesitate to work out. I can’t hesitate to say no to my second drink.

Any ideas to help find my passion in writing?