Today I woke up excited to write, let the ideas roar out of me like a jet engine.  Typing at a gazillion words a minute. Here I go …… Didn’t happen.  So I found the fun Daily Posts and now its flowing, not roaring, but moving more then if I would have written about what I was going to write about.

Ideas need help to grow. My ideas usually die before I cant get them out of my head.  Blogging, and note taking have helped.  What I’m trying to accomplish with writing is help articulating these ideas.  Bring them out and make them pretty.

Center. Not sure what any of this has to do with center.  I guess I need to center my Chi. Center my Chi to clarify my life. These days life is confusing.  I think its because of all the crap floating around the world.  With so many choices, so many people claiming what they are doing is what works, its tough to find your way.  Writing helps me put things in perspective.   I like the idea of coming back and checking where my head was at the time of writing.  I helps me know that I’m not losing my mind.

I’m having trouble referring to myself as a writer. Its connotation is just a little off putting. I never read the books for book reports in school, never wrote a scholarship winning paper.  Why now, when I turn 30, I turn into a aspiring scholar.  Damn, I’m reading 2 books and listening to one on audible.  I’ve even started a 2 blogs.  I guess I want to make enough money to not work.

What would you do if you had a million dollars and not have to work?

I would play basketball and workout every day.  I live in San Diego. I could do anything out doorsy.   But is that my passion.  Right? That’s how to question works, what ever you would do with a million dollars is what you should do for your passion.  I would cook, as well.  I have this idea of what my cooking life would be.   It would be in a house like my grandmas.  Her and my grandpa’s house carry the best food memories.  Baby rack of lamb and venison on the BBQ.  Garlic “tough bread,” home made caesar dressing salad. Sauteed mushrooms in a demi sauce.  The food was hearty but light.  I never remember having that sluggish full feeling.

I need to write. Sharpen my blade.  Write every day.  Write about food or basketball or outdoorsyness.

Damn that stupid question worked.